Prize Card

Wolf can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 1
2 3 2
3 4 3
4 5 4
5 6 5


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionWerewolf1 Hour
All Hallows' EveWerewolf1 Hour
AngerWerewolf1 Hour
ArcadeMorphed Beast48 Hours
BatGargoyle6 Hours
BearWerebear48 Hours
BeautyMonster & Beauty24 Hours
BirdWerechicken24 Hours
BloodWerevamp24 Hours
BoneBone Hound24 Hours
CamouflageWolf in Sheep Duds24 Hours
CartoonHungry Coyote48 Hours
CursedWerewolf1 Hour
DemonNine Tails Ninja24 Hours
DesertHungry Coyote48 Hours
DestructionWerewolf1 Hour
DogSiberian Husky24 Hours
EarthGargoyle6 Hours
EnergyNine Tails Ninja24 Hours
Fairy TaleBig Bad Wolf1 Hour
FireFirefox6 Hours
GiantDire Wolf6 Hours
GolemGargoyle6 Hours
HealingWerewolf1 Hour
HornWolf Warrior48 Hours
HumanWerewolf1 Hour
HybridNine Tails Ninja24 Hours
IceFrost Wolf48 Hours
ImmortalityLycan King48 Hours
InventionHungry Coyote48 Hours
KnowledgeShapeshifter24 Hours
LeaderAlpha24 Hours
LifeNine Tailed Fox48 Hours
MadnessInsanity Wolf24 Hours
MagicWerewolf1 Hour
Martial ArtsNine Tails Ninja24 Hours
MedievalGargoyle6 Hours
Mind ControlWerewolf1 Hour
MiniatureNight Children1 Hour
MonsterWerewolf1 Hour
MoonWerewolf1 Hour
MultiplesWolfpack1 Hour
MusicNight Children24 Hours
MutationDr. Savage48 Hours
MythCerberus48 Hours
ParasiteWerevamp24 Hours
Pocket PetNinja Doge48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreWolf Battering Ram24 Hours
PrehistoricDire Wolf6 Hours
RadiationDire Wolf6 Hours
RobotCyberwolf48 Hours
RoyaltyNorthern King48 Hours
ScienceDire Wolf6 Hours
Sci-FiWerewolf1 Hour
SidekickNorthern King24 Hours
SpeedCyberwolf48 Hours
SpiritSpirit Wolf48 Hours
StrengthDire Wolf6 Hours
SuperheroThe Badger24 Hours
SwordClaws24 Hours
The Chosen OneNine Tails Ninja24 Hours
ToyStuffed Plushie24 Hours
UndergroundCerberus48 Hours
UnderwaterSeal24 Hours
VampireWerevamp24 Hours
VillainCerberus48 Hours
WarWolf Battering Ram24 Hours
WealthStockbroker Wolf48 Hours
WeaponClaws24 Hours
WerewolfWolfpack1 Hour
WindSpirit Wolf48 Hours
WingsWerechicken24 Hours
WizardShapeshifter24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolProfessor Werewolf48 Hours
WolfWolfpack1 Hour