Prize Card

Wizard can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 6 0
2 8 2
3 10 4
4 12 6
5 14 8

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveNecromancer24 Hours
AshGeomancer24 Hours
BatShapeshifter24 Hours
BearShapeshifter24 Hours
BeautyEvil Queen24 Hours
BirdEagle Rider48 Hours
BlobGelmancer48 Hours
CamouflageShapeshifter24 Hours
CartoonSkeleton Overlord48 Hours
ChinchillaWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
DeathNecromancer24 Hours
DemonWarlock24 Hours
DesertEvil Vizier24 Hours
DestructionCrimson Witch48 Hours
DogJack the Dog48 Hours
DragonPyromancer24 Hours
EarthGeomancer24 Hours
ElfElf Wizard24 Hours
EnergyInsidious Emperor24 Hours
FairyFairy Godmother24 Hours
FirePyromancer24 Hours
FoodCandy Witch24 Hours
GolemArcane Golem24 Hours
HolidaysSanta Claus48 Hours
Holy WaterCleric24 Hours
HorsePony Princess48 Hours
IceFrost Mage48 Hours
KnightBattle Mage6 Hours
KnowledgeArch Mage24 Hours
LeaderWizard Headmaster48 Hours
LifeCleric24 Hours
LoveCupid48 Hours
MagicArch Mage24 Hours
MedievalMerlin48 Hours
MetalMagicianbot24 Hours
MonkeyMonkey Shaman24 Hours
MoonLunar Priest48 Hours
MusicPied Piper48 Hours
MythMerlin48 Hours
PlantDruid24 Hours
PoisonWitch Doctor24 Hours
RainbowRainbow Girl24 Hours
ReptileThe Snake Lord24 Hours
RobotMagicianbot24 Hours
RodentWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
RoyaltyIce King48 Hours
Sci-FiDr. What48 Hours
SleepMister Sandman24 Hours
SnakeThe Snake Lord24 Hours
SpaceDr. What48 Hours
SpeedEagle Rider48 Hours
SpiritNecromancer24 Hours
StrengthBattle Mage6 Hours
SuperheroArch Mage24 Hours
SweetsCandy Witch24 Hours
SwordBattle Mage6 Hours
TimeDr. What48 Hours
ToySanta Claus48 Hours
TreeDruid24 Hours
TurtleTurtle Sorcerer48 Hours
UndeadNecromancer24 Hours
UndergroundGeomancer24 Hours
VampireDracula24 Hours
VehicleBroomstick24 Hours
VillainThe Snake Lord24 Hours
VoidVoid Shaman24 Hours
WarBattle Mage6 Hours
WaterHydromancer24 Hours
Water SerpentHydromancer24 Hours
WealthRumpelstiltskin48 Hours
WeaponWizard Staff24 Hours
WindAeromancer48 Hours
WingsWitch6 Hours
WolfShapeshifter24 Hours