Prize Card

Wings can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 1 2
2 2 3
3 3 4
4 4 5
5 5 6


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveMurder of Crows48 Hours
AngelSeraphim24 Hours
ArcadeAngel Kid24 Hours
BeautyAlicorn48 Hours
BlobPuff Hero24 Hours
CamouflageStealth Bomber24 Hours
CartoonAngel Kid24 Hours
CatManticore48 Hours
ChinchillaAviator Chin24 Hours
DeathVulture1 Hour
DemonDevil24 Hours
DestructionSpace Moth48 Hours
DogHeavenly Dog24 Hours
EnergyBlue Bull48 Hours
Fairy TaleFairy1 Hour
FirePhoenix6 Hours
FishStingray24 Hours
FoodBlue Bull48 Hours
GolemGargoyle6 Hours
HolidaysAngel1 Hour
Holy WaterAngel1 Hour
HorsePegasus1 Hour
HumanAngel1 Hour
IcePenguin24 Hours
InsectButterfly24 Hours
KnightArch Angel24 Hours
KnowledgeAngel of Wisdom24 Hours
LeaderZiz48 Hours
LifePhoenix6 Hours
LoveCupid48 Hours
MagicFairy1 Hour
MedievalSeraphim24 Hours
MetalJet Fighter1 Hour
MonkeyFlying Monkey24 Hours
MonsterZiz48 Hours
MoonNight Dragon24 Hours
MusicSiren48 Hours
MythPegasus1 Hour
PlantPlant Dragon48 Hours
PoisonWasp6 Hours
PrehistoricPterodactyl24 Hours
RainbowButterfly24 Hours
ReptileSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
RodentFlying Squirrel24 Hours
RoyaltyQueen Bee48 Hours
Sci-FiSpace Moth48 Hours
ScienceJet Fighter1 Hour
SleepSmug48 Hours
SnakeSnakes on a Jet1 Hour
SpaceSpaceship24 Hours
SpeedJet Fighter1 Hour
SpiritSpectral Dragon48 Hours
StrengthBlue Bull48 Hours
SunFirefly24 Hours
SuperheroRaging Bird24 Hours
SweetsPixie Sugar24 Hours
ToyKite24 Hours
Turkey DayTurkey24 Hours
TurtleFlying Trooper24 Hours
UndeadGhost1 Hour
UndergroundFuries48 Hours
VampireBat1 Hour
VehicleEagle Rider48 Hours
VoidNight Dragon24 Hours
WarMessenger Bird24 Hours
WaterPenguin24 Hours
WealthSmug48 Hours
WeaponChiropterang48 Hours
WerewolfWerechicken24 Hours
WingsSeraphim24 Hours
WizardWitch6 Hours
WolfWerechicken24 Hours