Prize Card

Water can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5 5 5

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Card 1 Card 2
Holy WaterPoison

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Card Result Research
AfflictionHypothermia24 Hours
All Hallows' EveWitch's Brew48 Hours
AngelSnow Angel24 Hours
AngerMaelstrom48 Hours
ApocalypseThe Mariner24 Hours
ArcadeAbsolute Zero24 Hours
BatStingray24 Hours
BearPolar Bear24 Hours
BeautyFountain of Youth48 Hours
BirdPenguin24 Hours
BlobMudslide24 Hours
BloodTongue Parasite48 Hours
BoneCharon48 Hours
CamouflageOctopus48 Hours
CartoonRobert Sponge48 Hours
CatCatfish24 Hours
ChinchillaGremlin24 Hours
CursedFrog Prince24 Hours
DeathPoison1 Hour
DemonIce Imp24 Hours
DesertOasis24 Hours
DestructionMaelstrom48 Hours
DogSea Dog48 Hours
DragonWater Serpent1 Hour
EarthTree1 Hour
ElfNaga Queen24 Hours
EnergyMaelstrom48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialSpace Admiral24 Hours
FairyWater Sprite6 Hours
Fairy TaleFrog Prince24 Hours
FireSteam1 Hour
FishSharkstorm48 Hours
FoodPunchy48 Hours
Galaxy WarsAquatic Alien48 Hours
GiantHigh Tide48 Hours
GolemIce Golem6 Hours
HealingFountain of Youth48 Hours
HolidaysSnowflake24 Hours
HornNarwhal24 Hours
HorseSeahorse1 Hour
HumanMermaid6 Hours
HybridBear Dog24 Hours
IceIce24 Hours
ImmortalityDavy Jones48 Hours
InsectTongue Parasite48 Hours
InventionAlchemist48 Hours
KnightBlue Knight6 Hours
KnowledgeHydromancer24 Hours
LeaderPoseidon6 Hours
LifeIce Golem6 Hours
LoveLove Potion48 Hours
MadnessPirate Captain24 Hours
MagicHoly Water1 Hour
Martial ArtsAbsolute Zero24 Hours
MedievalLady of the Lake24 Hours
MetalSubmarine1 Hour
Mind ControlLove Potion48 Hours
MiniatureWater Bear48 Hours
MonkeySea Monkey24 Hours
MonsterYeti24 Hours
MoonHigh Tide48 Hours
MultiplesOctopus48 Hours
MusicConch Shell of Doom24 Hours
MutationIce Dude48 Hours
MythPoseidon6 Hours
ParasiteTongue Parasite48 Hours
PlantIce Lotus24 Hours
Pocket PetBubbles48 Hours
PoisonBlowfish24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreVial of Stars24 Hours
PrehistoricMegalodon24 Hours
PsychicPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
RainbowSno-Cone24 Hours
RelicElemental Stones48 Hours
ReptileBubbles48 Hours
RobotHydrabot24 Hours
RodentBeaver24 Hours
RoyaltyMermaid King24 Hours
Royal GameLady Revenant24 Hours
Sci-FiThe Ooze24 Hours
SidekickBubbles48 Hours
SnakeWater Serpent1 Hour
SpaceDoc Lobster24 Hours
SpeedMaelstrom48 Hours
SpiritGhost Pirate24 Hours
StrengthMaelstrom48 Hours
SunRainbow1 Hour
SuperheroOcean Defender6 Hours
SweetsSno-Cone24 Hours
SwordTrident1 Hour
The Chosen OneWatermaster Cora48 Hours
TimeFountain of Youth48 Hours
ToySquirt Gun48 Hours
TreeThe World Tree6 Hours
TridentPoseidon6 Hours
Turkey DayHarvest48 Hours
TurtleBubbles48 Hours
UndeadPirate Zombie6 Hours
UndergroundCharon48 Hours
VampireLeech24 Hours
VehicleShark Rider48 Hours
VillainIce King48 Hours
VoidPoison1 Hour
WarSubmarine1 Hour
WaterFlood1 Hour
WealthPirate Booty48 Hours
WeaponSquirt Gun48 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WingsPenguin24 Hours
WizardHydromancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolTransmutation24 Hours