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General Icon Arena Update (v1.30.07)



Other Updates:

  • A much needed update to the Arena System, rewarding Dark Orbs as weekly prizes for placement in the Arena Tiers. This new currency can be used to buy the following Alchemist Types.
  • Alchemist Types: Greed Alchemist, Quick Learner, Lucky, Lobotomizer, Tiebreaker, Combo Master, Master Healer, Master Elementalist, Master Enchanter.

Update Text

There are so many new features for Little Alchemist that we had to list it just to keep track!
  • Weekly Rewards! A new Arena season has arrived with exciting new rewards offered each week!
  • New Alchemist Powers are now available and can be earned by competing in the Arena!
  • An exclusive Diamond Card can be earned for completing the Little Town and Little Isle maps!
  • MORE POWER! Gold and Diamond combos now get a stat bonus in battles!
  • New packs are on the way! Oceana and Mythos packs... what combos will we come up with next!
  • Some gold combo cards will have a slight bump in power!
  • And as always, we threw in some bug fixes for good measure!

Stay tuned as we continue to work on more updates!

— Chinzilla, App Description