Prize Card

Tree can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 0 4
2 1 5
3 2 6
4 3 7
5 4 8

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveSpooky Tree48 Hours
ArcadeKiller Plant1 Hour
BatBaseball Bat1 Hour
BearKoala48 Hours
BeautyPlant Fatale48 Hours
BlobFossil48 Hours
CamouflageTreant6 Hours
CatCatapult1 Hour
DestructionCatapult1 Hour
FairyDryad24 Hours
FireAsh1 Hour
FoodCursed Apple24 Hours
GolemWooden Golem6 Hours
HolidaysChristmas Tree48 Hours
HumanVampire Hunter6 Hours
KnightGreen Knight6 Hours
KnowledgeCursed Apple24 Hours
LeaderThe World Tree6 Hours
LifeTreant6 Hours
LoveCupid's Bow48 Hours
MagicTreant6 Hours
MedievalCatapult1 Hour
MetalCatapult1 Hour
MonsterKiller Plant1 Hour
MoonSpooky Tree48 Hours
MusicCursed Flute48 Hours
MythHesperide's Tree24 Hours
PlantThe World Tree6 Hours
PoisonKiller Plant1 Hour
PrehistoricBrontosaurus24 Hours
RadiationKiller Plant1 Hour
ReptileChameleon24 Hours
RodentBeaver24 Hours
Sci-FiKiller Plant1 Hour
SleepKoala48 Hours
SnakeCursed Apple24 Hours
SpaceThe World Tree6 Hours
SpeedBroomstick24 Hours
SpiritSpooky Tree48 Hours
StrengthImmovable Object48 Hours
SunThe World Tree6 Hours
SuperheroVampire Hunter6 Hours
TimeThe World Tree6 Hours
ToyBuilding Blocks24 Hours
Turkey DayMayflower48 Hours
TurtleWorld Turtle48 Hours
VampireDeath1 Hour
VehicleBroomstick24 Hours
VillainPoison Oak48 Hours
VoidNightshade6 Hours
WarCatapult1 Hour
WaterThe World Tree6 Hours
WealthHesperide's Tree24 Hours
WeaponClub6 Hours
WindCursed Flute48 Hours
WizardDruid24 Hours