Prize Card

Sword can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 1
2 7 3
3 9 5
4 11 7
5 13 9

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveScythe6 Hours
AngelArch Angel24 Hours
ArcadeDiamond Sword48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BearAdventure Kid48 Hours
BeautyDiamond Sword48 Hours
BirdCarver of Doom48 Hours
CartoonStormcat48 Hours
CatStormcat48 Hours
ChinchillaNinchilla24 Hours
DeathScythe6 Hours
DemonClaymore of Doom24 Hours
DestructionClaymore of Doom24 Hours
DogJack the Dog48 Hours
EarthHammer1 Hour
ElfLegendary Hero24 Hours
EnergyPlasma Sword48 Hours
FireFlame Sword6 Hours
FishSwordfish48 Hours
GiantGiant Sword1 Hour
HammerMorning Star6 Hours
Holy WaterExcalibur24 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanKnight6 Hours
InsectWasp6 Hours
KnowledgeUSB of 999 Truths24 Hours
LeaderKing24 Hours
MagicExcalibur24 Hours
MedievalExcalibur24 Hours
MetalGiant Sword1 Hour
MonsterMonster Slayer48 Hours
MoonSpace Guardian48 Hours
MythExcalibur24 Hours
PlantPlant Fatale48 Hours
PoisonPoison Dagger24 Hours
RadiationThe Badger24 Hours
RainbowLaser Sword24 Hours
ReptileTurtle Warrior48 Hours
RobotRobo Ninja24 Hours
RodentNinchilla24 Hours
Sci-FiLaser Sword24 Hours
ScienceLaser Sword24 Hours
SleepNightmare Stalker48 Hours
SpaceLaser Sword24 Hours
SpeedMasked Swordsman48 Hours
SpiritSoul Harvester24 Hours
StrengthBarbarian48 Hours
SunLaser Sword24 Hours
SuperheroThe Badger24 Hours
SwordGiant Sword1 Hour
ToyUSB of 999 Truths24 Hours
TridentSai24 Hours
Turkey DayCarver of Doom48 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadBone Sword24 Hours
UndergroundMiner24 Hours
VillainThe Grater48 Hours
WarUSB of 999 Truths24 Hours
WaterTrident1 Hour
Water SerpentNaga Queen24 Hours
WealthDiamond Sword48 Hours
WeaponExcalibur24 Hours
WerewolfClaws24 Hours
WizardBattle Mage6 Hours
WolfClaws24 Hours