Prize Card

Radiation can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 0
2 4 1
3 5 2
4 6 3
5 7 4

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Card Result Research
AfflictionRadiation Sickness24 Hours
All Hallows' EveSinister Gourdling48 Hours
AngerMutant Man24 Hours
ApocalypseBomb Shelter48 Hours
ArcadeHalf-Life48 Hours
BearDire Bear48 Hours
BirdTurkeyzilla48 Hours
BlobThe Ooze24 Hours
BloodRadiation Sickness24 Hours
CamouflageStealth Bomber24 Hours
CartoonRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
ChinchillaChinzilla24 Hours
DeathRadiation Sickness24 Hours
DesertDesert Pirate48 Hours
DestructionBomb1 Hour
DogHot Dog24 Hours
DragonGorezilla24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
Fairy TaleBeanstalk Giant48 Hours
FishMutated Fish24 Hours
FoodFluff Puff48 Hours
GiantGorezilla24 Hours
GolemThe Ooze24 Hours
HorsePestilence's Horse24 Hours
HumanSuperhero6 Hours
HybridArachnid Dude48 Hours
ImmortalityDr. Radiation48 Hours
InsectSpace Moth48 Hours
InventionX-Ray24 Hours
KnightRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
KnowledgeBomb1 Hour
LeaderSensei Rat48 Hours
MadnessDesert Pirate48 Hours
MedievalBasilisk48 Hours
MetalBomb1 Hour
MonkeyKongar48 Hours
MonsterGorezilla24 Hours
MoonMoonflare48 Hours
MultiplesMutated Fish24 Hours
MutationMutant Man24 Hours
ParasiteParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
PlantKiller Vegetables24 Hours
PoisonRadiation Sickness24 Hours
PrehistoricGorezilla24 Hours
PsychicDelusional Psychic48 Hours
ReptileGorezilla24 Hours
RodentSensei Rat48 Hours
Royal GameDragon Fire48 Hours
ScienceBomb1 Hour
Sci-FiThe Ooze24 Hours
SnakeAnaconda1 Hour
SpaceThe Ooze24 Hours
SpiritOozer48 Hours
StrengthMutant Man24 Hours
SuperheroMutant Man24 Hours
SweetsFluff Puff48 Hours
SwordThe Badger24 Hours
TimeHalf-Life48 Hours
ToyEZ Cake Oven48 Hours
TreeKiller Plant1 Hour
Turkey DayTurkeyzilla48 Hours
TurtlePrimeval Turtle48 Hours
UndergroundBomb Shelter48 Hours
UnderwaterMutated Fish24 Hours
VampireParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
VehicleMonster Truck24 Hours
VillainThe Ooze24 Hours
WarBomb Shelter48 Hours
Water SerpentKraken24 Hours
WeaponBomb1 Hour
WindRadiation Sickness24 Hours
WolfDire Wolf6 Hours