Prize Card

Parasite can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 5 4
2 8 7
3 11 10
4 14 13
5 17 16


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionZombie Fungus48 Hours
All Hallows' EveVampire1 Hour
AngelCrying Angel48 Hours
AngerNegative Slime24 Hours
ApocalypseParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
ArcadeParasite Hunter48 Hours
AshSmog Horror48 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BearFlea48 Hours
BeautyYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
BirdCuckoo24 Hours
BlobEvil Symbiote24 Hours
BloodLeech24 Hours
BoneAbyss Knight48 Hours
CamouflageArm Parasite24 Hours
CartoonMind Slug48 Hours
CatFlea48 Hours
ChinchillaVampchilla24 Hours
CursedLich Blade48 Hours
DeathWraith48 Hours
DemonSoul Stealer24 Hours
DestructionWorld Eater24 Hours
DogFlea48 Hours
EarthWorld Eater24 Hours
ElfMana Drainer48 Hours
EnergyParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialArm Parasite24 Hours
FairyChangeling24 Hours
Fairy TaleGoldilocks and Bears48 Hours
FishTongue Parasite48 Hours
FoodMoocher48 Hours
Galaxy WarsLaughing Pet Alien24 Hours
GiantWorld Eater24 Hours
GolemCrying Angel48 Hours
HealingLeech24 Hours
HolidaysMistletoe24 Hours
HumanHuman Battery48 Hours
HybridEvil Symbiote24 Hours
ImmortalityYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
InsectMosquito24 Hours
InventionParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
KnightVampire Knight48 Hours
KnowledgeMind Slug48 Hours
LeaderDracula24 Hours
LifeYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
LoveMoocher48 Hours
MadnessZombie Fungus48 Hours
MagicMana Drainer48 Hours
MedievalBlack Death48 Hours
MetalHuman Battery48 Hours
Mind ControlMind Slug48 Hours
MiniatureFlea48 Hours
MonkeyFlea48 Hours
MonsterXenomorph48 Hours
MoonBed Bug48 Hours
MultiplesBed Bug48 Hours
MutationSiphoning Belle48 Hours
MythDracula24 Hours
PlantPlant Clones48 Hours
Pocket PetSonic Bat24 Hours
PoisonWasp6 Hours
Precious Ring LorePrecious Ring24 Hours
PrehistoricMosquito24 Hours
RadiationParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
RobotHuman Battery48 Hours
RodentBlack Death48 Hours
ScienceHuman Battery48 Hours
Sci-FiSpace Zombie24 Hours
SidekickArm Parasite24 Hours
SleepBed Bug48 Hours
SnakeLeech24 Hours
SpaceSpace Zombie24 Hours
SpeedCrying Angel48 Hours
SpiritWraith48 Hours
StrengthArm Parasite24 Hours
SunSparkling Vampire48 Hours
SuperheroParasite Hunter48 Hours
SweetsCavities48 Hours
SwordArm Parasite24 Hours
The Chosen OneParasite Hunter48 Hours
TimeMoocher48 Hours
TreeMistletoe24 Hours
TridentCavities48 Hours
Turkey DayMoocher48 Hours
UndeadZombie Fungus48 Hours
UnderwaterTongue Parasite48 Hours
VehicleMosquito24 Hours
VillainEvil Symbiote24 Hours
VoidSoul Stealer24 Hours
WaterTongue Parasite48 Hours
Water SerpentXenomorph48 Hours
WealthMoocher48 Hours
WeaponParasitic Bioweapon24 Hours
WerewolfWerevamp24 Hours
WindWraith48 Hours
WingsCuckoo24 Hours
WizardYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolWraith48 Hours
WolfWerevamp24 Hours