Prize Card

Metal can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 0 3
2 1 4
3 2 5
4 3 6
5 4 7


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionCorrosive Rust48 Hours
All Hallows' EveScythe6 Hours
AngerAlphatron48 Hours
ApocalypseAlphatron48 Hours
ArcadeCannon Boy48 Hours
AshBomb1 Hour
BatBaseball Bat1 Hour
BearMecha Bear48 Hours
BeautyBeguiling Android24 Hours
BirdStymphalian Bird48 Hours
BlobD-300048 Hours
BloodVampire Knight48 Hours
BoneD-300048 Hours
CamouflageD-300048 Hours
CartoonTransformobot48 Hours
CatCatron48 Hours
ChinchillaBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
CursedLich Blade48 Hours
DeathDeath Metal1 Hour
DemonRobot Devil24 Hours
DesertJama48 Hours
DestructionUnstoppable Force48 Hours
DogK-900048 Hours
DragonArmored Dragon6 Hours
EnergyTransformobot48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialTransformobot48 Hours
Fairy TaleTin Man48 Hours
FireSword6 Hours
FishSwordfish48 Hours
Galaxy WarsJama48 Hours
GiantTalos48 Hours
GolemMetal Golem6 Hours
HammerSledge Hammer6 Hours
HealingNanobots48 Hours
Holy WaterHoly Grail24 Hours
HornBionic Unicorn48 Hours
HorseCar1 Hour
HumanKnight6 Hours
HybridCyborg48 Hours
ImmortalityCybernetic Humans24 Hours
InsectComputer Bug48 Hours
InventionD-300048 Hours
KnowledgeBlacksmith24 Hours
LeaderSteel Hero24 Hours
LifeTransformobot48 Hours
LoveHug-o-Tron48 Hours
MadnessDesert Pirate48 Hours
MagicMagicianbot24 Hours
Martial ArtsRobo Ninja24 Hours
MedievalKnight6 Hours
Mind ControlTinfoil Hat24 Hours
MiniatureNanobots48 Hours
MonkeyMecha Monkey48 Hours
MonsterJaeger48 Hours
MoonMoon Buggy24 Hours
MultiplesHydrabot24 Hours
MusicDeath Metal1 Hour
MutationMagnet Dude48 Hours
MythHephaestus24 Hours
ParasiteHuman Battery48 Hours
Pocket PetDinaggro48 Hours
PoisonPoison Dagger24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreShattered Sword24 Hours
PrehistoricArmored Dragon6 Hours
PsychicLich Blade48 Hours
RadiationBomb1 Hour
RelicFire Sigil48 Hours
ReptileGeneral Viper48 Hours
RobotD-300048 Hours
RodentBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
RoyaltyRobot King48 Hours
Royal GameKing Killer48 Hours
ScienceD-300048 Hours
Sci-FiJaeger48 Hours
SidekickAstro Droid48 Hours
SpaceSpaceship24 Hours
SpeedSpaceship24 Hours
SpiritHaunted Armor48 Hours
StrengthImmovable Object48 Hours
SuperheroSteel Hero24 Hours
SweetsEZ Cake Oven48 Hours
SwordGiant Sword1 Hour
The Chosen OneTransformobot48 Hours
TimeD-300048 Hours
ToyRobotic Toy48 Hours
TreeCatapult1 Hour
TridentRobot Devil24 Hours
Turkey DayCarver of Doom48 Hours
TurtleSnapping Turtle24 Hours
UndergroundMiner24 Hours
UnderwaterLaser Shark48 Hours
VehicleTank48 Hours
VillainMagnet Dude48 Hours
WarTank48 Hours
WaterSubmarine1 Hour
WealthGolden Construct48 Hours
WeaponUnstoppable Force48 Hours
WerewolfDeath1 Hour
WindJet Fighter1 Hour
WingsJet Fighter1 Hour
WizardMagicianbot24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolGoblin Banker24 Hours