Prize Card

Life can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 7
2 5 10
3 8 13
4 11 16
5 14 19


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionVirus48 Hours
All Hallows' EveSinister Gourdling48 Hours
AngelGuardian Angel24 Hours
AngerCold Hearted24 Hours
ArcadeLiving Algorithm48 Hours
AshPhoenix6 Hours
BatVampire1 Hour
BeautyGaia24 Hours
BirdPhoenix6 Hours
BloodBlood Bath48 Hours
BoneLich24 Hours
CamouflageHoly Grail24 Hours
CartoonGummy Duo24 Hours
ChinchillaCare Chilla6 Hours
CursedPandora's Box48 Hours
DeathUndead1 Hour
DemonBlood Imp24 Hours
DesertSandman48 Hours
DestructionVirus48 Hours
EarthGolem1 Hour
ElfElf Wizard24 Hours
EnergyAI48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialHugging Alien48 Hours
Fairy TalePinocchio24 Hours
FireFire Golem6 Hours
FoodPunchy48 Hours
Galaxy WarsNanopower24 Hours
GiantThe World Tree6 Hours
GolemDwarf6 Hours
HammerPaladin24 Hours
HealingFountain of Youth48 Hours
HolidaysSnowman48 Hours
Holy WaterFountain of Youth48 Hours
HornHorn of Life24 Hours
HorseUnicorn24 Hours
HumanImmortal48 Hours
IceSnowman48 Hours
ImmortalityFountain of Youth48 Hours
InventionPhilosopher's Stone24 Hours
KnightPaladin24 Hours
KnowledgeHuman6 Hours
LeaderDecimation48 Hours
MadnessUnicorn Blood48 Hours
MagicFairy1 Hour
Martial ArtsSarcastic Hero48 Hours
MedievalHoly Grail24 Hours
MetalTransformobot48 Hours
Mind ControlHuman Battery48 Hours
MiniatureNanopower24 Hours
MonkeySea Monkey24 Hours
MonsterFrankenstein48 Hours
MoonMoon Golem48 Hours
MultiplesPhoenix6 Hours
MusicGolden Harp24 Hours
MutationDecimation48 Hours
MythFountain of Youth48 Hours
ParasiteYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
PlantTreant6 Hours
Pocket PetLuckymon24 Hours
PoisonVirus48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreElven Power Elixir24 Hours
PsychicFortune Teller48 Hours
RainbowUnicorn24 Hours
RelicPhilosopher's Stone24 Hours
ReptileWorld Turtle48 Hours
RobotTransformobot48 Hours
RodentRatatoskr48 Hours
RoyaltyRapunzel24 Hours
Royal GameBlue Witch24 Hours
ScienceDoctor24 Hours
SleepCryosleep24 Hours
SnakeOuroboros48 Hours
SpaceAlien48 Hours
SpiritOozer48 Hours
SunAlien48 Hours
SweetsCandy Princess24 Hours
The Chosen OneImmortal One24 Hours
TimeDeath1 Hour
ToyDoll48 Hours
TreeTreant6 Hours
TurtleWorld Turtle48 Hours
UndeadLich24 Hours
UndergroundUnderground City24 Hours
UnderwaterFood Chain24 Hours
VampireBlood24 Hours
VehicleMeteor6 Hours
VillainDecimation48 Hours
VoidVoidwalker24 Hours
WarImmortal48 Hours
WaterIce Golem6 Hours
WealthGolden Egg Goose24 Hours
WeaponVirus48 Hours
WindAir Elemental48 Hours
WingsPhoenix6 Hours
WizardCleric24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolDeath's Gifts48 Hours
WolfNine Tailed Fox48 Hours


  • Reference to what Dr. Victor Frankenstein says when he created his monster.