A players level is the numerical representation of their experience in Little Alchemist. To increase their level, a player must gain experience through winning computer matches in the adventure map. By leveling up, a player gains access to increased perks and rewards, such as energy increases. However, regardless of level, a player will always have 30 health points and energy will take ten minutes per energy to recharge.

Unfortunately, the amount of experience required for each level does not follow a specific equation or formula. Each level adds on an amount of experience required to advance to the previous level's value. This increment is unpredictable for the first five levels. From levels 6 through 11 it adds 20xp per level. From levels 12 through 19 it adds 30xp per level. From levels 20 through 30 it adds 40xp per level. From levels 31 through 66 it add 60xp per level, ending with level 67 adding 40xp. From levels 68 through 100, the amount of experience required to advance is a consistent 3035xp.

Once you hit max level (level 100) you will no longer be able to earn any leveling rewards, however you do still accumulate experience, whenever you fill the meter to 3035xp you will still receive the refill of 30 energy There is no achievement for reaching max level, some would argue that having a level cap is bad since it reduces the amount of gems that you can earn.

Level Statistics LookupEdit

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Read the next section for a description of these bonuses, and how they work.

Leveling RewardsEdit

Increasing your player level provides a variety of bonuses. Each level-up will always provide an energy recharge and reward of either coins, gems, or cards. In addition to these rewards, every two levels a player will be rewarded an additional energy, increasing their maximum until the limit of 30 energy is reached at level 50.  

The pattern of coins, gems, and cards follow a rotation. Level 2 awards a card, level 3 awards coins, and level 4 awards a gem. This pattern repeats until the maximum level of 100. No more than one hundred coins are awarded at a time, just as no more than one gem is. In addition, a Research slot is unlocked at both level 3 and level 30. 

As a player's level increases, the value of the cards they receive increases. The cards that a player is rewarded at a level up are not random, with the exception of low-levels, in which the game randomly chooses between three guaranteed cards. The sets of three randomly chosen from are as follows, and the sets rotate among which is the reward: 

  • Earth / Fire / Water 
  • Metal / Radiation / Sun