Prize Card

Knight can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 3 4
2 5 6
3 7 8
4 9 10
5 11 12

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Card Result Research
AfflictionUndead Knight24 Hours
All Hallows' EveHaunted Armor48 Hours
AngelArch Angel24 Hours
AngerBerserker48 Hours
ApocalypseGas Mask Soldier48 Hours
ArcadeLegendary Hero24 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BatSuper Bat24 Hours
BearEmok48 Hours
BeautyPrince Charming24 Hours
BirdEagle Rider48 Hours
BlobSlime Warrior48 Hours
BloodVampire Knight48 Hours
BoneAbyss Knight48 Hours
CamouflageSergeant Arnold48 Hours
CartoonSword Prince24 Hours
CatStormcat48 Hours
ChinchillaChinchilla Knight24 Hours
CursedThe Cursed Chosen48 Hours
DeathUndead Knight24 Hours
DemonDemonite24 Hours
DesertSand Warrior48 Hours
DestructionChaos Champion24 Hours
DogJack the Dog48 Hours
DragonDragon Rider24 Hours
EarthPlanet Commander24 Hours
ElfLegendary Hero24 Hours
EnergySpace Guardian48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialHunting Alien24 Hours
Fairy TalePrince Charming24 Hours
FireRed Knight6 Hours
FishSwordfish48 Hours
FoodGingerbread Warrior24 Hours
Galaxy WarsSpace Guardian48 Hours
GiantSkull Smasher48 Hours
HammerPaladin24 Hours
HealingPaladin24 Hours
HolidaysNutcracker24 Hours
Holy WaterPaladin24 Hours
HornHorn of Man48 Hours
HorseCavalry6 Hours
HybridCrusader48 Hours
IceBlue Knight6 Hours
ImmortalityImmortal48 Hours
InsectArmy Ant48 Hours
InventionMechanical Knight48 Hours
KnowledgeKing24 Hours
LeaderKing24 Hours
LifePaladin24 Hours
LovePrince Charming24 Hours
MagicBattle Mage6 Hours
Martial ArtsSuper Martial Artist48 Hours
MedievalSir Lancelot24 Hours
Mind ControlWinter Assassin24 Hours
MiniatureAction Figure48 Hours
MonkeyMonkey King48 Hours
MonsterJaeger48 Hours
MoonSuper Bat24 Hours
MultiplesCavalry6 Hours
MusicWar Drummer48 Hours
MythSir Lancelot24 Hours
ParasiteVampire Knight48 Hours
PlantPlant Fatale48 Hours
PoisonGreen Knight6 Hours
Precious Ring LoreThe Ranger48 Hours
PrehistoricCaveman6 Hours
PsychicSpace Guardian48 Hours
RadiationRadioactive Avenger24 Hours
RainbowRainbow Girl24 Hours
RelicHaunted Armor48 Hours
ReptileDragon Rider24 Hours
RobotUltimate Soldier48 Hours
RodentChinchilla Knight24 Hours
RoyaltyKing Arthur48 Hours
Royal GameKing Killer48 Hours
ScienceUltimate Soldier48 Hours
Sci-FiUltimate Soldier48 Hours
SidekickSir Lancelot24 Hours
SleepHacker Hero24 Hours
SpaceSpace Guardian48 Hours
SpeedVampire Knight48 Hours
SpiritHaunted Armor48 Hours
StrengthGladiator24 Hours
SuperheroSir Lancelot24 Hours
SweetsGingerbread Warrior24 Hours
The Chosen OneKing Arthur48 Hours
ToyAction Figure48 Hours
TreeGreen Knight6 Hours
TridentGladiator24 Hours
TurtleTurtle Warrior48 Hours
UndeadUndead Knight24 Hours
UndergroundSuper Bat24 Hours
UnderwaterOcean Defender6 Hours
VehicleHorse1 Hour
VillainUndead Knight24 Hours
VoidVoidwalker24 Hours
WarUltimate Soldier48 Hours
WaterBlue Knight6 Hours
WealthKing24 Hours
WeaponWar God24 Hours
WingsArch Angel24 Hours
WizardBattle Mage6 Hours
Wizarding SchoolCourageous Founder48 Hours