Prize Card

Horse can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 1 2
2 2 3
3 3 4
4 4 5
5 5 6

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Card Result Research
AfflictionPestilence's Horse24 Hours
All Hallows' EveHeadless Rider6 Hours
AngelPegasus1 Hour
ApocalypseApocalypse Rider48 Hours
AshNightmare24 Hours
BeautyAlicorn48 Hours
BlobGummy Duo24 Hours
BloodUnicorn Blood48 Hours
BoneSkeletal Horse48 Hours
CamouflageTrojan Horse48 Hours
CartoonMy Mini Horse48 Hours
CursedCursed Aztec Prince24 Hours
DeathDeath's Horse24 Hours
DemonHeadless Rider6 Hours
DesertCamel24 Hours
DestructionApocalypse Rider48 Hours
EnergyCar1 Hour
ExtraterrestrialTawn Tawn24 Hours
FairyPegasus1 Hour
Fairy TaleUnicorn24 Hours
FireWar's Horse6 Hours
FishSeahorse1 Hour
FoodPinata48 Hours
Galaxy WarsTawn Tawn24 Hours
GiantTrojan Horse48 Hours
HealingUnicorn Blood48 Hours
HolidaysRudolph48 Hours
Holy WaterPegasus1 Hour
HornUnicorn24 Hours
HumanCentaur1 Hour
HybridCentaur1 Hour
IceRudolph48 Hours
ImmortalityPegasus1 Hour
InventionTrojan Horse48 Hours
KnightCavalry6 Hours
KnowledgeMr. Ted6 Hours
LeaderRudolph48 Hours
LifeUnicorn24 Hours
LoveMy Mini Horse48 Hours
MadnessUnicorn Blood48 Hours
MagicUnicorn24 Hours
MedievalUnicorn24 Hours
MetalCar1 Hour
MiniaturePony Princess48 Hours
MonsterHeadless Rider6 Hours
MoonNightmare24 Hours
MultiplesSleipnir24 Hours
MusicPan48 Hours
MythPegasus1 Hour
Precious Ring LoreLord of Horses48 Hours
PsychicAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
RadiationPestilence's Horse24 Hours
RainbowUnicorn24 Hours
RelicGilded Horse24 Hours
RobotBionic Unicorn48 Hours
RoyaltyPony Princess24 Hours
Royal GameFat King48 Hours
ScienceBionic Unicorn48 Hours
Sci-FiMr. Ted6 Hours
SidekickPegasus1 Hour
SleepNightmare24 Hours
SpaceUnicorn24 Hours
SpeedCeryneian Hind48 Hours
SpiritSpectral Rider24 Hours
StrengthCar1 Hour
SweetsPinata48 Hours
SwordUnicorn24 Hours
The Chosen OnePony Princess24 Hours
ToyMy Mini Horse48 Hours
UndeadHeadless Rider6 Hours
UndergroundDeath's Horse24 Hours
UnderwaterSeahorse1 Hour
VehiclePumpkin Carriage24 Hours
VillainHeadless Rider6 Hours
VoidNightmare24 Hours
WarWar's Horse6 Hours
WaterSeahorse1 Hour
WealthGilded Horse24 Hours
WindPegasus1 Hour
WingsPegasus1 Hour
WizardPony Princess24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolUnicorn24 Hours