Prize Card

Holy Water can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 1 4
2 2 5
3 3 6
4 4 7
5 5 8

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveAngel1 Hour
AngerArmageddon48 Hours
ApocalypseApocalypse Doctrine48 Hours
AshHuman6 Hours
BeautyFountain of Youth48 Hours
BirdDoves24 Hours
CamouflageHoly Grail24 Hours
DemonFire1 Hour
DestructionArmageddon48 Hours
DogHeavenly Dog24 Hours
EnergyArmageddon48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Prophet48 Hours
Fairy TaleExcalibur24 Hours
FishHoly Mackerel24 Hours
FoodAngel Food Cake24 Hours
HammerPaladin24 Hours
HealingHoly Grail24 Hours
HorsePegasus1 Hour
HumanCleric24 Hours
HybridCrusader48 Hours
IceIce Lotus24 Hours
ImmortalityHoly Grail24 Hours
InsectPraying Mantis24 Hours
KnightPaladin24 Hours
KnowledgeCleric24 Hours
LifeFountain of Youth48 Hours
MadnessAlien Prophet48 Hours
Martial ArtsSamurai Hero24 Hours
MedievalHoly Grail24 Hours
MetalHoly Grail24 Hours
MiniatureConscience24 Hours
MythHoly Grail24 Hours
PlantIce Lotus24 Hours
Pocket PetLuckymon24 Hours
PoisonWater1 Hour
Precious Ring LoreVial of Stars24 Hours
PsychicGhost Communicator24 Hours
RelicHoly Grail24 Hours
Royal GameCrusader48 Hours
SidekickHeavenly Dog24 Hours
SpiritDivine Healer24 Hours
StrengthPaladin24 Hours
SweetsAngel Food Cake24 Hours
SwordExcalibur24 Hours
The Chosen OneVampire Assassin48 Hours
TimeFountain of Youth48 Hours
ToySquirt Gun48 Hours
UndeadFire1 Hour
UnderwaterHoly Mackerel24 Hours
VampireFire1 Hour
VoidPoison1 Hour
WarArmageddon48 Hours
WealthHoly Grail24 Hours
WeaponExcalibur24 Hours
WingsAngel1 Hour
WizardCleric24 Hours