Prize Card

Fire can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 0
2 3 1
3 4 2
4 5 3
5 6 4

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Card 1 Card 2
DemonHoly Water
Holy WaterUndead
Holy WaterVampire

Combos (98) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
AfflictionSun Burn24 Hours
All Hallows' EveJack-o'-lantern24 Hours
AngerFire Lord48 Hours
ApocalypseArmageddon48 Hours
ArcadeTurtle King48 Hours
AshPhoenix6 Hours
BeautyGoddess Pele48 Hours
BirdPhoenix6 Hours
BloodFireblood Dragon48 Hours
BoneSpectre Ninja48 Hours
CamouflageSmoke Screen48 Hours
CartoonEmber48 Hours
CursedThe Cursed Chosen48 Hours
DeathDemon1 Hour
DemonDevil24 Hours
DesertSun Burn24 Hours
DestructionWildfire1 Hour
DogHot Dog24 Hours
EarthLava1 Hour
ElfMana Elf24 Hours
EnergyFireworks24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialMeteor6 Hours
FairyFire Sprite6 Hours
Fairy TaleCandy Witch24 Hours
FireWildfire1 Hour
FoodHot Pepper48 Hours
Galaxy WarsDeath Ray48 Hours
GiantWildfire1 Hour
GolemFire Golem6 Hours
HammerBlacksmith24 Hours
HolidaysMenorah24 Hours
HornFireblood Dragon48 Hours
HorseWar's Horse6 Hours
HumanAsh1 Hour
HybridDragon Incarnate48 Hours
IceWater1 Hour
ImmortalityPrometheus48 Hours
InsectFirefly24 Hours
InventionDragon Fire48 Hours
KnightRed Knight6 Hours
KnowledgePyromancer24 Hours
LeaderPrometheus48 Hours
LifeFire Golem6 Hours
LoveFireworks24 Hours
MadnessFirebird Force48 Hours
MagicFireball6 Hours
Martial ArtsSpectre Ninja48 Hours
MedievalDragon1 Hour
MetalSword6 Hours
MiniatureEmber48 Hours
MonsterIfrit48 Hours
MoonMoonflare48 Hours
MultiplesCommander of Sin24 Hours
MutationFirebird Force48 Hours
MythPrometheus48 Hours
PlantHot Pepper48 Hours
Pocket PetEmberzard24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreFiery Shadow Demon48 Hours
PrehistoricGorezilla24 Hours
PsychicPsychic Elementalist48 Hours
RainbowFireworks24 Hours
RelicFire Sigil48 Hours
ReptileEmber48 Hours
RobotRobot Devil24 Hours
RoyaltyFire Lord48 Hours
Royal GameTale of Hot & Cold24 Hours
ScienceFireworks24 Hours
SidekickEmber48 Hours
SleepNightmare Stalker48 Hours
SnakeDragon1 Hour
SpaceMeteor6 Hours
SpeedWildfire1 Hour
SpiritSpectre Ninja48 Hours
StrengthIfrit48 Hours
SunSun Burn24 Hours
SuperheroThe Incinerator6 Hours
SweetsFire Candy48 Hours
SwordFlame Sword6 Hours
The Chosen OneDragon Incarnate48 Hours
TimeAsh1 Hour
ToyEZ Cake Oven48 Hours
TreeAsh1 Hour
TridentDevil24 Hours
TurtleTurtle King48 Hours
UndeadDeath1 Hour
UndergroundLava1 Hour
UnderwaterLava1 Hour
VampireDeath1 Hour
VehicleDemonic Bike48 Hours
VillainFire Lord48 Hours
WarDragon Cannon48 Hours
WaterSteam1 Hour
WeaponFlame Sword6 Hours
WindWildfire1 Hour
WingsPhoenix6 Hours
WizardPyromancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
WolfFirefox6 Hours