Prize Card

Chinchilla can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 2 2
2 4 4
3 6 6
4 8 8
5 10 10


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionChinzombie24 Hours
All Hallows' EveChinzombie24 Hours
ApocalypseChinchilla Raider24 Hours
ArcadePikamon48 Hours
AshDust Bath24 Hours
BatVampchilla24 Hours
BloodVampchilla24 Hours
BoneBone Chin48 Hours
CamouflageNinchilla24 Hours
CartoonPikamon48 Hours
CursedVampchilla24 Hours
DemonGremlin24 Hours
DesertDust Bath24 Hours
DestructionChinzilla24 Hours
EnergyPikamon48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Beastie48 Hours
Fairy TaleWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
FishShark Rider48 Hours
FoodGremlin24 Hours
Galaxy WarsChin Trooper48 Hours
GiantChinzilla24 Hours
HealingCare Chilla6 Hours
HornChinchillalope24 Hours
HybridChinchillalope24 Hours
ImmortalityVampchilla24 Hours
InventionBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
KnightChinchilla Knight24 Hours
KnowledgeWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
LeaderCandy King Chin48 Hours
LifeCare Chilla6 Hours
LoveCare Chilla6 Hours
MagicWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
Martial ArtsNinchilla24 Hours
MedievalChinchilla Knight24 Hours
MetalBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
Mind ControlCute Charm24 Hours
MiniaturePikamon48 Hours
MonsterChinzilla24 Hours
MoonNinchilla24 Hours
MultiplesChin Trooper48 Hours
MusicMozart Chin48 Hours
MutationChinzilla24 Hours
MythGremlin24 Hours
ParasiteVampchilla24 Hours
PlantPet Plant48 Hours
Pocket PetBone Chin48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreForest Chinchillas48 Hours
PrehistoricSaberchilla24 Hours
PsychicAnimal Whisperer24 Hours
RadiationChinzilla24 Hours
RainbowCare Chilla6 Hours
ReptileGremlin24 Hours
RobotBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
RoyaltyCandy King Chin48 Hours
ScienceBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
Sci-FiChin Trooper48 Hours
SidekickWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
SpaceAviator Chin24 Hours
SpeedSwift the Chin24 Hours
StrengthBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
SuperheroWonderful Chin24 Hours
SweetsCandy King Chin48 Hours
SwordNinchilla24 Hours
The Chosen OneWiz's Apprentice6 Hours
ToyStuffed Plushie24 Hours
Turkey DayPilgrim Chin48 Hours
UndeadChinzombie24 Hours
UnderwaterChin Cousteau48 Hours
VampireVampchilla24 Hours
VehicleShark Rider48 Hours
VillainGremlin24 Hours
VoidNinchilla24 Hours
WarChinchilla Knight24 Hours
WaterGremlin24 Hours
WeaponBionic Chinchilla24 Hours
WindAviator Chin24 Hours
WingsAviator Chin24 Hours
WizardWiz's Apprentice6 Hours


  • "Chinchilla" is an Aymara word that literally means "little bug" but can also mean "innumerable" or "too many to count". The chinchilla likely acquired this name because of it extremely thick fur which is the 2nd densest of any animal; only the sea otter's fur is denser.