Card Pack Header

One of the most important aspects of Little Alchemist is being able to procure new and more powerful cards. Aside from battling against bosses in hopes of randomly recieving a card, the only other way to repeatedly get new cards is by purchasing (or winning) card packs. Card packs are groups of unknown random cards that the player is able to purchase from the Shop or previously win in the Arena (since version 1.30.01, winning card packs is no longer possible). The purchasable card packs can be obtainted through different kinds of currency: real-world currency (i.e. US Dollars), Coins, Gems, or Dark Orbs. The most commonly used currency is Gems, which in turn can be purchased in the Shop with real-world currency.

To access the Shoppe in order to purchase card packs, either tap on the "Shoppe" sign in the center of the main menu, then on the display case on the left side of the screen labeled "Card Packs", or in special cases, by tapping on the "Arena" crystal ball on the main screen, then tapping the "Enter Armory" sign in the center of the screen. To make a purchase, tap on the card pack you wish to buy, then tap the "Buy" button.

All card packs can be split into four main groups: Basic Packs, Special Packs, Event Packs, and Boost Packs. The following pages describe each group, and lists all packs in that group.