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One of the greatest selling points for Little Alchemist is the online multiplayer functionality, called the Arena, and the rewards offered in the Armory therein. Currently, the Arena is the only place in which Boost Packs can be purchased. A Boost Pack is a special kind of Card Pack which offers Upgrade Boosts. An Upgrade Boost is a special type of card which can be directly converted into Dust for use in card upgrading.

To access the Armory and the Boost Packs available there, follow one of these two methods. 1) Tap the crystal ball labeled "Arena" on the bottom right side of the main menu to access the Arena. From the Arena screen, close all pop-ups and tap the hanging sign labeled "Enter Armory" to access the Armory. 2) Tap the hanging sign center-screen on the main menu labeled "Shoppe" to access the game store. On the Shoppe menu, tap the button in the top left corner of the screen labeled "To Armory" to access the Armory. Once in the Armory, tap the desired pack to open a submenu to purchase.[1]

Select one of the packs below to learn more about that pack, including the price, cardpool, description, and release information.

Common Boost Selector Uncommon Boost Selector Rare Boost Selector Diamond Boost Selector
  1. ^ As of Version 1.31.12, a number of new Shop interfaces have been introduced for random testing. Your shop may not follow these same instructions.
  2. ^ The Diamond Boost pack is not available for purchase in the Armory, and is simply a placeholder for possible future release.