Prize Card

Beauty can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 6 3
2 9 6
3 12 9
4 15 12
5 18 15


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionSleeping Princess24 Hours
All Hallows' EveUndead Bride48 Hours
AngelSeraphim24 Hours
AngerAngry Bride24 Hours
ArcadeCrypt Explorer48 Hours
AshGoddess Pele48 Hours
BatDemon Queen24 Hours
BearMonster & Beauty24 Hours
BirdDark Swan48 Hours
BlobBumpy Princess48 Hours
BloodBlood Bath48 Hours
BoneSugar Skull24 Hours
CamouflageShifting Mutant48 Hours
CartoonBumpy Princess48 Hours
CatLion48 Hours
CursedFair Princess48 Hours
DeathUndead Bride48 Hours
DemonDemon Queen24 Hours
DesertCleopatra24 Hours
DogScylla48 Hours
DragonDragon Fairy24 Hours
EarthGoddess Pele48 Hours
ElfFair Princess48 Hours
EnergyAurora24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
FairyNymph24 Hours
Fairy TaleFair Princess48 Hours
FireGoddess Pele48 Hours
FishSiren48 Hours
FoodButterfly24 Hours
Galaxy WarsRebel Space Princess48 Hours
GiantGaia24 Hours
GolemOgre Princess24 Hours
HealingYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
HolidaysSnowflake24 Hours
Holy WaterFountain of Youth48 Hours
HornAlicorn48 Hours
HorseAlicorn48 Hours
HumanAttractive Brain48 Hours
HybridAlien Human Hybrid24 Hours
IceFair Princess48 Hours
ImmortalityDorian Gray24 Hours
InsectArachne48 Hours
InventionBeguiling Android24 Hours
KnightPrince Charming24 Hours
KnowledgeAttractive Brain48 Hours
LeaderCleopatra24 Hours
LifeGaia24 Hours
LoveAphrodite48 Hours
MadnessBloody Prom Queen48 Hours
MagicEvil Queen24 Hours
Martial ArtsAngry Bride24 Hours
MedievalPrince Charming24 Hours
MetalBeguiling Android24 Hours
Mind ControlBlue Iron24 Hours
MiniatureThumbelina24 Hours
MonsterMonster & Beauty24 Hours
MoonMoon Goddess24 Hours
MultiplesFair Princess48 Hours
MusicGolden Harp24 Hours
MutationShifting Mutant48 Hours
MythAphrodite48 Hours
ParasiteYouthful Sorceress24 Hours
PlantPlant Fatale48 Hours
Pocket PetMargarfree24 Hours
PoisonPoison Oak48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreElf King24 Hours
PsychicRebel Space Princess48 Hours
RainbowDouble Rainbow24 Hours
RelicFountain of Youth48 Hours
RobotBeguiling Android24 Hours
RoyaltyFair Princess48 Hours
Royal GameDragon Mother48 Hours
ScienceBeguiling Android24 Hours
Sci-FiBeguiling Android24 Hours
SidekickJester Sidekick48 Hours
SleepSleeping Princess24 Hours
SnakeMedusa6 Hours
SpaceBumpy Princess48 Hours
SpeedAlicorn48 Hours
SpiritNymph24 Hours
StrengthBarbarian48 Hours
SunSparkling Vampire48 Hours
SuperheroCrypt Explorer48 Hours
SweetsCandy Princess24 Hours
SwordDiamond Sword48 Hours
The Chosen OneFair Princess48 Hours
TimeFountain of Youth48 Hours
ToyPrincess24 Hours
TreePlant Fatale48 Hours
TridentNaga Queen24 Hours
UndeadUndead Bride48 Hours
UndergroundPersephone48 Hours
UnderwaterMermaid Princess48 Hours
VampireSparkling Vampire48 Hours
VillainEvil Queen24 Hours
VoidDark Elf48 Hours
WarAmazon48 Hours
WaterFountain of Youth48 Hours
Water SerpentNaga Queen24 Hours
WealthPrince Charming24 Hours
WeaponCrypt Explorer48 Hours
WerewolfMonster & Beauty24 Hours
WindAurora24 Hours
WingsAlicorn48 Hours
WizardEvil Queen24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolNerdy Wizard48 Hours
WolfMonster & Beauty24 Hours