Prize Card

Ash can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 0 1
2 1 2
3 2 3
4 3 4
5 4 5

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Card Result Research
AngerWar God24 Hours
ApocalypseArmageddon48 Hours
ArcadeWar God24 Hours
BearPanda48 Hours
BeautyGoddess Pele48 Hours
BirdPhoenix6 Hours
BlobSmog Horror48 Hours
BloodHuman6 Hours
CamouflageSmoke Screen48 Hours
CartoonMonster Collector48 Hours
CatBlack Cat24 Hours
ChinchillaDust Bath24 Hours
CursedThe Cursed Chosen48 Hours
DestructionSandstorm48 Hours
DogSiberian Husky24 Hours
EnergyFireworks24 Hours
FairyMagic6 Hours
Fairy TaleCinderella24 Hours
FirePhoenix6 Hours
FoodPixie Sugar24 Hours
Galaxy WarsDark Space Lord48 Hours
GiantSmog Horror48 Hours
Holy WaterHuman6 Hours
HorseNightmare24 Hours
HumanWar God24 Hours
HybridSandman48 Hours
IcePenguin24 Hours
ImmortalityPhoenix6 Hours
InventionAlchemist48 Hours
KnightWar God24 Hours
KnowledgeMagic6 Hours
LeaderWar God24 Hours
LifePhoenix6 Hours
LoveFireworks24 Hours
MadnessMad Bomber48 Hours
MagicPhoenix6 Hours
Martial ArtsSmoke Screen48 Hours
MedievalPhoenix6 Hours
MetalBomb1 Hour
MonsterSandman48 Hours
MultiplesPhoenix6 Hours
MutationFirebird Force48 Hours
MythPhoenix6 Hours
ParasiteSmog Horror48 Hours
Pocket PetMonster Collector48 Hours
Precious Ring LoreWraith Dagger24 Hours
PsychicFirebird Force48 Hours
RainbowFireworks24 Hours
RelicAncient Ark24 Hours
RodentDust Bath24 Hours
RoyaltyCinderella24 Hours
Royal GameDragon Fire48 Hours
ScienceFireworks24 Hours
Sci-FiSmog Horror48 Hours
SidekickPikamon48 Hours
SleepMister Sandman24 Hours
SpeedQuicksand48 Hours
StrengthWar God24 Hours
SuperheroWar God24 Hours
SweetsPixie Sugar24 Hours
SwordWar God24 Hours
The Chosen OneMonster Collector48 Hours
ToyMonster Collector48 Hours
UnderwaterLava1 Hour
VillainWar God24 Hours
WarWar God24 Hours
WeaponBomb1 Hour
WindSandstorm48 Hours
WizardGeomancer24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolPhoenix6 Hours