This article contains information on content that has since been updated or removed, and needs editing to the current version. As of v1.37.30.

This version has been updated with arena rankings/rewards as of version 1.37.30 but is still missing visual elements and season rankings/rewards


The Arena is Little Alchemist's online Player vs. Player battling system. In the Arena, players use Runes to battle other players in non-live battles. These Runes function in the same way as Energy on the main map, but the player only gets 15 Runes, and each Rune takes 30 minutes to recharge. 

After battling another player, instead of an experience reward and coins, the player is given stars (Star Arena) and coins. These stars determine what players you will be matched against in your next battle.

Online Ranks

Rankings are the level that a player has achieved in the arena over a rotating 7 day period. Initially 5 battles must be fought within each time period to be eligible for rankings. Your number of wins and win/loss ratio determine your ranking against all other players and allow you to progress through the ranking levels. Every 7 days the rankings roll over and you receive a reward of a number of dark orbs. The number of dark orbs received increases with the rank that you ended each period at. Dark orbs are used to buy items from the armory, but most items are rank locked, requiring you to have achieved a certain rank to purchase them. Each ranking group comes with three sub-ranks labelled 1, 2, and 3. Detailed information on rankings and rewards are listed below.

Note: Dark orb rewards are not cumulative

-Weekly- Ranking Information

Bronze Arena Bronze

Bronze 1 Bronze 2 Bronze 3
Rank: 29115 Rank: 24748 Rank: 20381
Orbs: 20 Orbs: 30 Orbs: 40

Silver Arena Silver

Silver 1 Silver 2 Silver 3
Rank: 16014 Rank: 13102 Rank: 10191
Orbs: 50 Orbs: 60 Orbs: 80

Gold Arena Gold

Gold 1 Gold 2 Gold 3
Rank: 7279 Rank: 5823 Rank: 4368
Orbs: 80 Orbs: 90 Orbs: 100

Diamond Arena Diamond

Diamond 1 Diamond 2 Diamond 3
Rank: 2912 Rank: 2039 Rank: 1456
Orbs: 120 Orbs: 140 Orbs: 160

Masters Arena Masters

Masters 1 Masters 2 Masters 3
Rank: 874 Rank: 583 Rank: 292
Orbs: 190 Orbs: 220 Orbs: 250
Onyx Fragments: 5 Onyx Fragments: 5 Onyx Fragments: 5


Legendary 1 Legendary 2 Legendary 3
Rank: 146 Rank: 88 Rank: 30
Orbs: 300 Orbs: 350 Orbs: 400
Onyx Fragments: 10 Onyx Fragments: 15 Onyx Fragments: 25

-Season- Ranking Information

Rank Diamonds Onyx Fragments


If you play Lil' Alchemist in the Arena, please visit the Online Players page to put in your information!