Prize Card

Anger can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 9 0
2 12 3
3 15 6
4 18 9
5 21 12


This card cannot be created.

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Card Result Research
AfflictionRoad Rage48 Hours
AngelAngel of Wrath24 Hours
ApocalypseFamily Reunion24 Hours
ArcadeRaging Gamer48 Hours
AshWar God24 Hours
BatFuries48 Hours
BearMama Bear48 Hours
BeautyAngry Bride24 Hours
BirdRaging Bird24 Hours
BlobNegative Slime24 Hours
BloodBloodlust24 Hours
BoneGashadokuro48 Hours
CamouflageShifting Mutant48 Hours
CartoonDisgruntled Beavers24 Hours
DeathFuries48 Hours
DemonDemonic Elf48 Hours
DesertSekhmet24 Hours
DestructionRaging Bird24 Hours
DogWerewolf1 Hour
DragonMalevolent48 Hours
EarthEarthquake1 Hour
ElfDemonic Elf48 Hours
EnergyInsidious Emperor24 Hours
ExtraterrestrialCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
FairyMalevolent48 Hours
Fairy TaleQueen of Hearts48 Hours
FireFire Lord48 Hours
FishNaga Queen24 Hours
FoodHangry48 Hours
Galaxy WarsInsidious Emperor24 Hours
GiantGashadokuro48 Hours
GolemGrouchy Monster48 Hours
HolidaysPinch48 Hours
Holy WaterArmageddon48 Hours
HornMalevolent48 Hours
HumanAngry Mob24 Hours
HybridCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
IceCold Hearted24 Hours
ImmortalitySekhmet24 Hours
InsectWasp6 Hours
InventionAlphatron48 Hours
KnightBerserker48 Hours
KnowledgeInsidious Emperor24 Hours
LeaderInsidious Emperor24 Hours
LifeCold Hearted24 Hours
LoveGreen Eyed Monster48 Hours
MadnessQueen of Hearts48 Hours
MagicMalevolent48 Hours
Martial ArtsDemonic Fighter24 Hours
MedievalAngry Mob24 Hours
MetalAlphatron48 Hours
Mind ControlDark Space Lord48 Hours
MiniatureProtozoan Villain24 Hours
MonkeyMonkey Planet48 Hours
MonsterGrouchy Monster48 Hours
MoonBlood Moon48 Hours
MultiplesFuries48 Hours
MusicDeath Metal1 Hour
MutationCyborg Alien Mutant24 Hours
MythFuries48 Hours
ParasiteNegative Slime24 Hours
PlantKiller Vegetables24 Hours
Pocket PetPsychic Clone24 Hours
PoisonWasp6 Hours
Precious Ring LoreFiery Shadow Demon48 Hours
PsychicDark Space Lord48 Hours
RadiationMutant Man24 Hours
ReptileTurtle King48 Hours
RobotAlphatron48 Hours
RodentDisgruntled Beavers24 Hours
RoyaltyQueen of Hearts48 Hours
Royal GameLady Revenant24 Hours
ScienceAlphatron48 Hours
Sci-FiDark Space Lord48 Hours
SidekickDark Space Lord48 Hours
SnakeFuries48 Hours
SpaceDark Space Lord48 Hours
SpeedRoad Rage48 Hours
SpiritNegative Slime24 Hours
StrengthBerserker48 Hours
SuperheroMutant Man24 Hours
SwordAngry Bride24 Hours
The Chosen OneSwarm Queen24 Hours
ToyRaging Gamer48 Hours
TreeDisgruntled Beavers24 Hours
TridentAngry Mob24 Hours
Turkey DayHangry48 Hours
TurtleTurtle King48 Hours
UndergroundFuries48 Hours
UnderwaterDavy Jones48 Hours
VampireDracula24 Hours
VehicleRoad Rage48 Hours
VillainDark Space Lord48 Hours
VoidDemonic Elf48 Hours
WarWar God24 Hours
WaterMaelstrom48 Hours
Water SerpentNaga Queen24 Hours
WeaponDemonic Elf48 Hours
WerewolfBloodlust24 Hours
WindCyclone48 Hours
WingsAngel of Wrath24 Hours
WizardInsidious Emperor24 Hours
Wizarding SchoolAustrian Spiketrail48 Hours
WolfWerewolf1 Hour