Prize Card

Angel can be obtained from the following bosses, events, or card packs:

Upgrade Stats

Level Attack Icon Attack Defense Icon Defense
1 1 4
2 2 5
3 3 6
4 4 7
5 5 8

Recipes (4) Show/Hide

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Card 1 Card 2
All Hallows' EveHoly Water
Holy WaterWings

Combos (75) Show/Hide

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Card Result Research
All Hallows' EveScarecrow48 Hours
AngelSeraphim24 Hours
AngerAngel of Wrath24 Hours
ApocalypseAngel of Wrath24 Hours
ArcadeAngel Kid24 Hours
BeautySeraphim24 Hours
BirdDoves24 Hours
BloodBlood Angel48 Hours
CamouflageCrying Angel48 Hours
CartoonAngel Kid24 Hours
CursedBlood Angel48 Hours
DeathDark Angel24 Hours
DemonDark Angel24 Hours
DestructionSoul Harvester24 Hours
DogHeavenly Dog24 Hours
DragonDevil24 Hours
EnergyCrying Angel48 Hours
ExtraterrestrialCrying Angel48 Hours
FairyFairy Godmother24 Hours
Fairy TaleFairy Godmother24 Hours
FishHoly Mackerel24 Hours
FoodAngel Food Cake24 Hours
Galaxy WarsSpace Ghosts48 Hours
HealingDivine Healer48 Hours
HolidaysSnow Angel24 Hours
HornGabriel's Horn24 Hours
HorsePegasus1 Hour
HumanGuardian Angel24 Hours
HybridNephilim48 Hours
IceSnow Angel24 Hours
InsectPraying Mantis24 Hours
InventionAngel Food Cake24 Hours
KnightArch Angel24 Hours
KnowledgeAngel of Wisdom24 Hours
LeaderAngel of Valor48 Hours
LifeGuardian Angel24 Hours
LoveCupid48 Hours
MedievalSeraphim24 Hours
Mind ControlAngelic Mutant24 Hours
MiniatureConscience24 Hours
MonsterCrying Angel48 Hours
MoonMoon Goddess24 Hours
MultiplesSeraphim24 Hours
MusicAngel Trumpeter24 Hours
MutationAngelic Mutant24 Hours
MythCupid48 Hours
ParasiteCrying Angel48 Hours
Pocket PetLuckymon24 Hours
Precious Ring LoreArch Mage24 Hours
PsychicAngel of Wrath24 Hours
RelicAncient Ark2 Hours
ReptileDevil24 Hours
RodentFairy Godmouse48 Hours
Sci-FiCrying Angel48 Hours
SidekickGuardian Angel24 Hours
SnakeDevil24 Hours
SpaceHeavens48 Hours
SpeedCrying Angel48 Hours
SpiritHeavens48 Hours
StrengthValkyrie24 Hours
SuperheroArch Angel24 Hours
SweetsAngel Food Cake24 Hours
SwordArch Angel24 Hours
ToyDoll48 Hours
TridentPoseidon6 Hours
TurtleFlying Trooper24 Hours
UndergroundDevil24 Hours
UnderwaterAngelfish24 Hours
VillainDevil24 Hours
VoidDark Angel24 Hours
WarValkyrie24 Hours
WaterSnow Angel24 Hours
WealthAngel of Valor48 Hours
WeaponValkyrie24 Hours
WingsSeraphim24 Hours